Dennis Iweze

I am a PhD Candidate in Finance at Queen Mary University of London.

I teach in a wide variety of areas in finance and macroeconomics at the undergraduate level.

My research covers topics such as entrepreneurial finance, developing and applying machine learning algorithms to economic problems, the effects of financial frictions on corporate investment, and structural estimation of dynamic models.



Research and Articles

In this study, we develop a matrix completion/unsupervised machine learning approach to estimate the causal effect of the Venture Capital Trust (VCT) scheme on investment in the U.K.


Unveiling the True Investment Policy: What Drives the Investment Policy of Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)



Investment under Uncertainty: A Reinforcement Learning Approach



Data and Python Code

VCT Data

Excel file with hand-collected data on Venture Capital Trusts, their investee firms and most importantly, the date they invested in the investee firm.

VC Data

Comprehensive data on all VC-backed firms in the U.K. It includes information on deal terms, funding rounds, investors and their respective ownership stakes, board seats by VC investors ........





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