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What is a Booking Market Bet? 5 Experience in betting on Booking Market Bet

What is a Booking Market Bet? Explaining the different types of booking bets, calculating odds, and strategies for wagering on this type of bet. Additionally, win tips will share valuable insights for players.

What is a Booking Market Bet?

A booking market bet is a type of wager where players predict the number of red and yellow cards shown in a match. It's also known as the Total Bookings market, yellow card market, or red card market.

In simple terms, in booking market bets, players only focus on the number of cards shown and not the outcome or result of the match.

Types of Booking Market Bets in Football (Soccer)

Some commonly played types of booking market bets in football include:

Handicap Booking Market Bet

This bet is placed on the team expected to receive the most bookings within the official 90 minutes, including handicap odds.

Booking Market Bet Over/Under

This bet involves wagering on the total number of cards shown in a match based on over/under odds after the official 90 minutes.

1x2 Booking Market Bet (European Booking Market)

This bet involves predicting which team will receive the most or an equal number of bookings compared to their opponent after the official 90 minutes.

Odd/Even Booking Bet

Placing a bet on whether the total number of cards shown after the official 90 minutes will be an odd or even number.

First/Last Card Betting

Betting on whether the home or away team will receive the first/last card in the official 90 minutes.

Next Card Betting

Predicting which team will receive the next card.

Most Bookings Bet

This bet involves wagering on which team will receive the most bookings after the official 90 minutes based on the booking points system.

Time of First Card Bet

Betting on the minute when the first card will be shown.

Red Card Bet

Wagering on which team will receive a red card within the official 90 minutes.

Calculating Booking Market Bet Winnings

To calculate the winnings for a booking market bet at , similar to other football betting, players need to follow this formula:

Profit = Wager Amount x Booking Market Bet Odds

For example: In the Liverpool vs. Man City match, the booking market bet odds are 0.83, and you wager 100k. The winnings would be: 100 x 0.83 = 83k.

Reading Booking Market Bet Odds

Understanding the odds in the booking market bet is straightforward, where:

Yellow card: 1 point

Red card: 2 points

For instance: If Team A receives 1 yellow card, it counts as 1 point; if they receive 3 yellow cards, it's 3 points; and if they receive 1 red card, it's 2 points. If a player gets 2 yellow cards leading to a red card, it amounts to 4 points (red card 2 points, 2 yellow cards 2 points).

Note: Teams favored in booking market bets tend to engage in frequent physical play, aggressive tactics, not shying away from confrontation, and often have more individualistic players who regularly receive cards.

How to Bet on Yellow Cards

To be able to bet on yellow card markets, players need used to master the following methods.

Choose suitable yellow card bets

In simple terms, this means choosing which type of yellow card bet to enter. For example:

In highly intense and decisive matches, players can bet on the total number of yellow cards.

In games where both teams play fair and show dedication, the number of yellow cards received is minimal. You can bet on under yellow cards for this type of match.

In matches where the coach's strategy is all-out attack, defensive play, or pressing, the number of cards will likely be high. You can bet on the total number of cards or over yellow cards.

In games where the main referee is strict and demanding, the number of cards will also surge.

Release the bet

In some cases, if players feel unexpected changes or unfavorable conditions in the yellow card bet, they can cash out immediately if needed.

For instance, if you've bet on under yellow cards and notice a fast-paced, aggressive attacking rhythm in the match, the chance of an explosion in yellow cards exists. Therefore, holding onto the under bet might lead to losses, so players might consider cashing out to preserve their capital.

Experience in betting on yellow cards

Before placing yellow card bets, players should equip themselves with certain betting insights, such as the following:

Check referee information

Always do this when playing yellow card bets. As mentioned, a lenient referee might overlook deserving yellow card offenses. However, with a strict referee, yellow or even red cards might be issued.

Therefore, checking referee information before entering a bet is extremely necessary.

Observe the players

Typically, there are players who are extremely passionate and aggressive on the field. These players are ready for collisions, tough tackles, and can be the cause of yellow or red cards.

Some noteworthy names for consideration are: Granit Xhaka from Arsenal, Ramos from PSG, Pepe from Porto, McTominay from Man United, Kounde from Sevilla, Alba from Barca, ...

Bet based on signals

Usually, when a deliberate foul results in a yellow card in a match, there's a high chance of another similar yellow card.

Furthermore, in some games, if a team intends to preserve their result and waste time toward the end of the match, there's a high possibility of a yellow card due to time-wasting fouls.

The above are insights from Wintips regarding yellow card bets, how to calculate bets on yellow cards, and also strategies and experiences in playing this type of bet. Consider these points if you feel they suit your style before participating.


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