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Guide to bet 1 1/4 handicap betting in football betting

In reality, you'll often come across a handicap odds of 1 1/4 in matches where there's a significant difference in the strengths of the two teams. Do you understand what a 1 1/4 handicap is? How do you accurately interpret a 1.25 handicap odds? Don't worry, in the following article, Wintips will explain all soccer tips today football handicap betting with a 1.25 handicap in a simple and understandable way.

Detailed explanation of the 1 1/4 handicap betting

The notation for a 1 1/4 handicap, or sometimes expressed as 1-1.5 or 1.25 in odds, indicates that the team with the handicap of 1.25 is strongly favored to win by the bookmakers. However, it's entirely possible for the favored team to win the match but still lose the handicap bet.

Specifically, when participating in betting on a match with a 1.25 handicap in football odds, the following scenarios may occur:

If a bettor chooses to wager on the favored team and the favored team wins by a margin of two goals or more, the bettor will win and receive the full payout. Conversely, if the bettor chooses the underdog, they will lose their entire stake.

If a bettor wagers on the favored team and the favored team wins by only one goal, the bettor will lose half of their stake. Meanwhile, the bettor who chooses the underdog will win half of their stake.

In the event of a draw or if the underdog wins by any score, the bettor who chose the favored team will lose their entire stake, while the bettor who chose the underdog will win the full payout.

Illustrative example of a 1 1/4 handicap betting scenario

Now that we've explained what a 1 1/4 handicap is, let's provide a specific example to help you better understand this type of betting. Wintips will use the following match between two football teams, Manchester United vs. Norwich City, with a 1 1/4 handicap. In this scenario, Manchester United is the favored team with a handicap odds of 0.93, while Norwich City is the underdog with handicap odds of 0.99. Therefore, if you bet $100 on this match:

If Manchester United wins by a margin of two goals, the bettor who placed a bet on the favored team will win the bet and receive a total payout of $193 (100 + 100 × 0.93).

If Manchester United wins by only one goal, the bettor who placed a bet on the favored team will lose half of their stake, resulting in a loss of $50. Meanwhile, the bettor who chose the underdog will receive half of their stake, totaling $149.5 (100 + 100 × 0.5 × 0.99).

If Manchester United draws or loses to Norwich City, the bettor who chose the underdog will win and receive a total payout of $199 (100 + 100 × 0.99).

Effective Experience in Betting on 1 1/4 Handicap for Beginners

When participating in a 1 1/4 handicap bet, players need to equip themselves with experiences and analytical skills for betting. To make the most reasonable and accurate betting choices. Below, Wintips will share with you betting tips vip app some effective experiences in betting on 1.25 handicaps and winning big:

Basic issues about the match that players need to pay attention to before betting such as form, balance of power, head-to-head record,... However, you should also note that these are just superficial. Especially for 1.25 handicap bets offered by bookmakers for matches with a significant difference between the two teams. So when any odds appear, the percentage chance of winning is very high.

In a match where the favored team is not really strong in attacking ability. Or this team often wins with not too large goal differences then investing in the favorite at this time is not reasonable.

Or in a match, if the underdog team is playing very well and capable of creating many challenges, difficulties for the favorite team then you should also consider choosing to bet on the underdog.

Never bet on impulse or on your favorite team when participating in this type of bet. This could very well be traps set by bookmakers to make money from fans.

For this type of 1.25 handicap bet, you can completely choose the underdog and play using the progressive method. Pay attention to the timing of the odds offered by bookmakers, in one phase most of the bets will lose and vice versa.

Finally, you need to be really careful in the process of searching and choosing bets on betting sites. You can refer to some reputable and famous bookmakers' addresses available on the website.

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In this article, Wintips has sent you the most detailed information about what a 1 1/4 handicap bet is. Hopefully, the shared information has helped you understand it better and conquer this interesting odds. Good luck to you all!


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